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Nursing Courses

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Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice (n407)

Chronic Care Management (n441)

Research and Evidence-Based Practice (n 446)

Leadership and Management (n447)

Information Management and Healthcare Technology (n453)

Community Health Nursing (n454)

Community Health Practicum (n455)

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (n487)

Synthesis for Nursing Practice (n490)

Advanced Nursing Roles and Issues (n492A)

Adaptation to Chronic Illness and Disability (n492CI)

Complementary Therapies (n492CT)

Global Aspects of Health Care (n492g)

Nursing Care of Older Adults (n492H)

Geographic Information Systems in Health (n492n)

Clinical Pharmacology (n492P)

Women’s Health (n492W)

Independent Study (n498)